What kind of art do you sell?
The art you see on this website is only a sample of what is available through GinaArt. Our inventory is constantly changing and is too varied to list in its entirety. We have close relations with some of the biggest and most respected Pop, Modern and Contemporary galleries, as well as publishing houses and art experts throughout the world. Our reach in the art world is global, always ensuring the most competitive prices to you.
How about lesser known established and emerging artists?
YES! GinaArt is always on the look out for established and emerging artist’s works. It’s exciting and rewarding to be able to present high quality art at more affordable pricepoints from lesser known and emerging artists. Contact us and let’s talk about your interests.
I’m not sure how to buy art or what’s the best art for me – can you help?
You’ve come to the right place. Art buying can be intimidating and our intention is to remove the stress from your experience. We listen to your interests and give personal attention throughout the entire process. We’ll stay with you until the art is hanging on your wall for all to admire. Buying art should be fun and exciting, and that’s what happens when you come to GinaArt.
How can I be sure about the authenticity of art work?
When you buy from GinaArt, you are guaranteed the art is exactly as described or you will receive a full refund, at any time. We only work with the most reliable of suppliers and always stand behind the authenticity of all the art we sell. We also help our clients through the process of authentication, if needed.
Should I purchase my art based on my personal preference or investment potential?
First and foremost, we believe you should purchase your art because you love it and will enjoy looking at it every day. If you are purchasing strictly for investment, there are many variables that come into play. You need to make an informed decision and we will help you to move toward your goal with confidence. Contact us to discuss.
There are so many art mediums - screenprint, etching, lithograph, woodblock, intaglio etc. What do they all mean?
Each of these terms represent a different printing process the artist has chosen to produce their art. Some techniques are more desired than others, depending on the artist, the period, and the type of art. Contact us if you have specific questions about this and we will give you a detailed explanation.
I want to sell my art - can you help?
Yes. Go to our “online marketplace”, create an account and start listing your art. It’s as easy as that. Your listings will benefit from our marketing and loyal customer base, and most importantly, will stand out from the clutter of other owner-selling sites.

If you prefer a more private selling environment, contact us directly so we can discuss your individual needs to maximize the return on your investment.