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Lithograph, Screenprint, Etching. Do You Know Your Art Print?

Art Terminology. What Does It All Mean? Lithograph, serigraph, etching, screenprint…  What do all these art print terms mean and does it make a difference in understanding and buying art?   Well, yes… and no. It’s not an easy answer.  When it comes to art, nothing…

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Andy Warhol, Consumerism and the Ads Portfolio

Andy Warhol and American Consumerism Andy Warhol’s Ads portfolio was released in 1985 and was one of the last portfolios he released before his untimely death in 1987. The Ads prints are considered to be particularly important works for Warhol because of his fascination with…

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Art for Sale Online. Buying Art, the Internet and ebay.

Should You Buy Art on the Internet? Buying art online can be as safe as buying art from a reputable gallery. From acquiring an Andy Warhol painting or a Marc Chagall poster, buying art online can be fun, exciting and completely secure, but precautions should…

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